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AI in Fintech: Accelerating Profits & Competitiveness in the Indonesian Financial Services Industry

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AI in Fintech

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on Indonesia's financial service industry, which has brought about a heavy demand for digital and automated financial services. With the built-in advantages of improving user experiences, achieving a high-performance business process automation system, and conducting an effective customer onboarding process, AI- and big data-enabled solutions have accelerated the profits and competitiveness of the financial service industry in the new normal. As a result, the introduction of AI- and big data-enabled solutions has become a priority for most Indonesian financial institutions.

In the 2020 Singapore FinTech Festival, ADVANCE.AI, the leading big data and AI company in Asia, held a webinar and introduced how AI and big data technologies can help companies and institutions in the financial services industry to reduce costs, increase profits, and stay competitive in the market.

Webinar Highlights

Challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on the Indonesian financial service industry
The role of innovative credit scoring
How AI benefits the fintech industry
Big data meets AI: Powering growth and innovation for the unbanked or underserved segment

Meet the Presenters


组 9
Oleh Soleh
Senior Presales Consultant, ADVACNE.AI
组 6
Maria Siborutorop
Associate Vice President, Fintech Bukalapak
组 8
Eryco Putra
Managing Director, Overo Digital Global


组 7
Zakaria Lim
Senior Business Development Manager, ADVACNE.AI

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