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—ADVANCE.AI annual white paper on artificial intelligence anti-fraud technology

January 2021

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Fighting fraud is a never-ending battle. In the current era of digitalization, it is essential to stay alert and deploy anti-fraud solutions ahead of time. As an emerging regional market attracting numerous global enterprises and investors, Southeast Asia has seen a very rapid transition to online service in recent decades. However, with the highest penetration rates of mobile connectivity in the world, Southeast Asia is a complex and diverse region with considerable fraud hazards as well, which make online services difficult to manage.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the business climate for firms in Southeast Asia has been anything but "business as usual". The rate of fraud and economic crime remains at record highs, impacting a wide range of companies in more ways than ever before. Maintaining the balance between promoting technology and fraud prevention is going to be an important component when making further digital improvements to various industries.

In this white paper, ADVANCE.AI provides anti-fraud insights and informative solutions that can give financial institutions and enterprises a wider perspective to take full advantage from the technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, as the guardian of your business.

Download this white paper to learn about:


Typical fraud crime and their challenges in Southeast Asian markets.


Reasons for Southeast Asia becoming a hotbed of fraud crime.


AI's perspective on fraud risk management.


How to leverage artificial intelligence technology to strengthen your company's anti-fraud protection.

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