Focusing on the Present;

Winning in the Future;

Setting Sail

—ADVANCE.AI's Customer Appreciation Banquet, Shenzhen

Date: 27 November 2020 Time: 5:30 PM-8:30 PM

China Standard Time (UTC+08:00)

Country: China


Following the gatherings in Beijing and Shanghai, the 2020 "Focusing on the Present and Winning in the Future" -- Setting Sail Customer Appreciation Banquet was successfully held in Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai on 27 November. ADVANCE.AI gathered with partners to share the latest data and industry trends for the Indonesian and Indian markets.


Below are the highlights of the event:

New regulation, new ecology

–Macro perspectives and industry news sharing

Dong Shou, Co-founder and CEO of ADVANCE.AI, delivered an opening speech via video connection, sharing his personal macro understanding of Indonesian and Indian markets, and elaborating how ADVANCE.AI can better cooperate with partners to go overseas.

He also introduced some of the new attempts and practices that ADVANCE.AI has recently made in Indonesia and India, and said that he would continue to strengthen the overall strength of the team and always move forward hand in hand with everyone.


New trends, new strategies

–The latest industry data and strategies sharing

Qi Cui, Director of Overseas Fintech Business of ADVANCE.AI, led a review of fintech industry data, analyzed the latest industry trends with informative data, and shared relevant statistics. Afterwards, Qi Cui introduced the three main products of ADVANCE.AI: ADVANCE Fraud Faces, ADVANCE Fraud Score and ADVANCE Bank Statement.


Client sharing: How to operate fintech business digitally in the Indian market

In addition, Chen Lv, Co-founder of Feixiang Technology, also showed up in Shenzhen to share his experience with everyone as a partner of ADVANCE.AI.

He introduced some of the experiences and ideas of Feixiang Technology in risk control, shared his own experience combined with the actual experience and current situation in the Indian market, and also expressed the greatest support and recognition to ADVANCE.AI.



Time Session Content

5:30 PM-6:30 PM

Admission of guests

6:30 PM-6:40 PM

Opening Speech

Ace Speaker Sharing Cutting-edge Industry Information Overseas

Dong Shou, Co-founder and CEO of ADVANCE.AI

6:40 PM-7:00 PM


" Braving the Winds and Waves: The Latest Industry Data and Strategies Sharing"

Qi Cui, Director of China Fintech Business of ADVANCE.AI

7:00 PM-7:20 PM

Client Sharing

"How to Operate Fintech Business Digitally in Indian Market"

Chen Lv, Co-founder of Feixiang Technology

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