Focusing on the Present;

Winning in the Future;

Setting Sail

—ADVANCE.AI's Customer Appreciation Banquet, Shanghai

Date: 25 September 2020 Time: 5:30 PM-8:30 PM

China Standard Time (UTC+08:00)

Country: China


Following the gathering in Beijing, the 2020 " Focusing on the Present; Winning in the Future; Setting Sail" customer appreciation banquet was successfully held in Shanghai on 25 September. ADVANCE.AI gathered with business partners to share the latest data and industry analysis.


Below are the highlights of the event:

The latest industry trends sharing

Dong Shou, Co-founder of ADVANCE.AI, delivered an opening speech through video and expressed a warm welcome to all the partners present.

Darshan Shah, Head of Local Commercialization in India of ADVANCE.AI, also gave an update on the latest industry developments in India and shared the most cutting-edge information on the industry through the latest data overseas via video.


The latest industry data and strategies sharing

Qi Cui, Director of Overseas Fintech Business of ADVANCE.AI, led a review of fintech industry data, analyzed the latest industry trends with informative data, and shared relevant statistics. Afterwards, Qi Cui introduced the three main products of ADVANCE.AI: ADVANCE Fraud Faces, ADVANCE Fraud Score and ADVANCE Bank Statement.


Business partner sharing: Looking forward to the future and winning together

Wenjie Lu, Senior Vice President of Waterelephant, talked about the development of cash loans in China and the current situation in India and led us "walk into" India to understand the current situation and opportunities in the industry from economic and cultural perspectives.

Lin Wang, Director of Huawei Cloud Indonesia, introduced the development of Huawei Cloud and shared the advantages of working together to expand the industry with ADVANCE.AI.

Wenjie Lu and Lin Wang both interpreted the greatest support and recognition of ADVANCE.AI.



Time Session Content

5:30 PM-6:30 PM

Admission of guests

6:30 PM-6:35 PM

Opening Speech

Dong Shou, Co-founder of ADVANCE.AI

6:35 PM-7:05 PM


" Cutting-edge Indian Industry Information "

Darshan Shah, India Managing Director

7:05 PM-7:25 PM


" Braving the Winds and Waves: The Latest Industry Data and Strategies Sharing"

Qi Cui, Director of China Fintech Business of ADVANCE.AI

7:25 PM-7:40 PM

Client Sharing

Wenjie Lu, Senior Vice President of Waterelephant

7:40 PM-7:55 PM

Client Sharing

Lin Wang, Director of Huawei Cloud Indonesia

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