How An Effective KYC Is Key for Financial Inclusion


According to 2017 Global Findex database, 1.7 Bn adults remain unbanked, and another 1.1 Bn adults remain financially underserved consumers.

This under-served market has attracted a large number of financial services companies that are trying to serve these unbanked customers by using technology. It is estimated that more than 5,000 fintech companies will be established in APAC. Majority of traditional banks have also ventured into this sector or planning to venture into this segment.

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In this situation, how to seize this business trend and emerge from the market competition? What changes that AI-powered digital KYC solution will bring to us? Download this paper you will learn:


Challenges of financial inclusion in Southeast Asia.


How to tap the opportunity with ADVANCE.AI’s Digital KYC solution.


Key Benefits of ADVANCE.AI’s digital KYC solution.

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