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Digital KYC Process using AI Technology for Financial Institutions in Thailand

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, customers are moving their business transactions online. To ensure that you can verify your customer and ensure a secure transaction, #KYC is one of the essential topics for your IT strategy. Join us in this webinar to learn how financial institutions in Thailand can benefit from using AI Technology for KYC.
(Webinar is conducted in English and Thai)



  • EKYC Requirements for Financial Institutions in Thailand
  • Digitising KYC process using AI Technology
  • Demo: End to end digitised KYC journey

Meet the Presenters


Cholapatr Bhuripanyo
BCholapatr Bhuripanyo
Managing Director, ZyGen
Aradhna Sharma
Aradhna Sharma
Southeast Asia Digital and Data Solutions Director, ADVANCE.AI
Ravi Madavaram
Director of AI Commercialization, ADVANCE.AI
Viriya Pumsricharoenwong
Viriya Pumsricharoenwong
Business Analytic and AI Manager, ZyGen


Poompong (Nan) Tancharoenphol
Poompong (Nan) Tancharoenphol
General Manager, Atome, Thailand

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