Introducing ADVANCE One-Stop Video Identification Solution



Banking, fintech service and e-commerce industry in Asia are quickly transforming to digitalization now. Customers get used to purchasing via various digital channels for their daily life. However, with the prosperous digital economy, cyberattacks have increased significantly as well. How to detect fraud attacks and prevent identity takeovers in the digital era? We're here to show you how this can effectively be done.

Join our Introducing ADVANCE One-Stop Video Identification Solution.

Video KYC

Here from our ADVANCE.AI's experts, as they provide an in-depth overview of ADVANCE One-Stop Video Identification Solution and discuss the importance of practising KYC Compliance; the essential of using Video Identification to speed up the customer onboarding process and to prevent fraud attacks.

This free, value-packed session covered:

  • Benefits of deploying ADVANCE Video Identification solution.
  • Various Components of ADVANCE Video Identification solution.
  • The instruction of ADVANCE Video Identification's workflow.
  • Technical guidance of how to deploy ADVANCE Video Identification.
  • Demo of ADVANCE Video Identification.
  • AI's insights of preventing fraud.

Meet the Presenters

Sneha Saraf

Business Development ADVANCE.AI

Sneha has rich experience in Product Management and B2B Sales helping financial service industry clients and partners for the digital transformation journey.

Shu Pan

AI Product Manager ADVANCE.AI

Pan Shu is a seasoned product manager across banking and fintech industries – leading AI (CV and NLP) products, Video Call products, Callbot in ADVANCE.AI.

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