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Debate: Will AI manipulate people's behaviour or financing and investing?

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Enhancing identity verification with AI

AI has seen incredible leaps in recent years. Meanwhile, by watching tens of millions of interactions between humans and artificial conversational agents, many tech experts are convinced that there are far more immediate risks, as well as tremendous opportunities, to humans and AI technology.

In the 2020 Singapore Fintech Festival's AI debate session, Pan Shu and Alyssa of ADVANCE.AI had an insightful debate with George and Gayo of LINKS Analytics. They discussed whether AI technology is manipulating people's behaviours, financing and investing.

The disagreements they expressed reflect those in the AI field, highlighting the need to define a clearer goal for AI's future development and prevent its innovation from becoming an uncontrollable process.

Meet the Presenters

Pan Shu
AI Product Manager, ADVANCE.AI
Alissa Deng
Product Manager, ADVANCE.AI
LINKS Analytics
Co-founder, Managing Director, LINKS Analytics
LINKS Analytics-02
Co-founder, CIO, LINKS Analytics

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